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Advanced Speed with Shelley Howlett

Advanced Speed with Shelley Howlett Monday March 7th, 2016 to register email – Now you’ve got the skills but you need to reduce your time. Find out how to do that without compromising quality in this hands-on class. Model required All students receive 10% off the day of the course. When: 10:00AM-3:00PM Cost: $169.00 … Read more

Advanced Fills with Shelley Howlett

Advanced Fills & Maintenance Shelley Howlett – Amore Ultima Educator February 8, 2016   to register email Building a solid foundation by providing successful nail fills is of paramount importance when developing your business. Learning how to properly maintain your clients’ nails will generate a long-term relationship that benefits yourself and your customers. Current … Read more

FoundatioNAIL ART with Felina Misiuk

FoundatioNAIL ART with Felina Misiuk – Amore Ultima Educator January 25, 2016 To register email – Increase your versatility and skill level while having FUN! This hands on class will enable you to meet your clients demand for individual self-expression while increasing your revenue through art! Learn and perfect everyday, in demand art techniques … Read more

What is SO great about the Cuccio Veneer??????

I receive SO many questions about the Cuccio Veneer. What is SO great about it? Well, I just came across the perfect explanation. This explanation is from Tony Cuccio (Founder and CEO of Cuccio Colour Veneer) and Elaine Watson (VP Product Development Cuccio Colour Veneer). This, to me, is a no nonsense explanation and I, … Read more

There are too many NAIL products to choose from!!!!!

The longer I am in the beauty industry, the more I realize how confused most professionals are when they see ALL the different products that can be used on nails….it’s CRAZY!!!! I have to admit…..before working for Impact Salon Sales I was SO confused. There are 5000 trillion gel polish brands, and WAIT, not all … Read more

Beauty is ONLY skin deep

I was at the Cher concert this past weekend, and I LOVED it! Cindy Lauper opened for her and there are a few things I thought about while watching these women. First of all Cindy is 61 years old and is FULL of life, jumping around and singing in tune for an HOUR! Cher is … Read more

Smooth as a babies bottom!!!!!!

Hey Everyone! This weeks blog is all about the Satin Smooth wax that we sell here at Impact Salon Sales. I will give you a little description of each and then you will be able to decide which one is best for you. You will be surprised when you read the last one….it is also … Read more

Sick of doing nails……..

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since my last blog post, but they will be consistently flowing in now!!! This blog post is about tired nail tech’s. I talk to a lot of you and I hear SO many of you ready to just QUIT….why? because you work your little behind off, putting your heart … Read more

ORG Skincare

Post by Impact Salon Sales. Here is a video we did on our latest HOT selling product! If you are not selling this product to your customers yet, you are missing out!! Easy income, who doesn’t want that?