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What is SO great about the Cuccio Veneer??????

I receive SO many questions about the Cuccio Veneer. What is SO great about it? Well, I just came across the perfect explanation. This explanation is from Tony Cuccio (Founder and CEO of Cuccio Colour Veneer) and Elaine Watson (VP Product Development Cuccio Colour Veneer). This, to me, is a no nonsense explanation and I, for one, am proud to post their words and to be a part of their team.

The CUCCIO effect

TONY CUCCIO says "I have been involved with the global professional nail industry for over 30 years. I have created thousands of products, but never before have I been more excited about what I do than in the past two years since we launched Cuccio Colour Veneer Soak Off Gel Polish. As I continue to travel from country to country I am experiencing something I have never felt or seen before. Something I call, "The Cuccio Effect". It is an unbridled passion for our soak off gel line by professional nail technicians and their clients. It is a positive energy growing at exponential speed. It is a feeling of success that I have only dreamed of for all these years. My vision for Cuccio Colour Veneer was to create the perfect formula for soak off nail colour. One that set the highest level of performance but was priced correctly to help you build a more profitable soak off gel business. I am proud to say that vision has become a reality."

Tony has a simple formula that allows the salon owner to be able to see the opportunity for financial success when you use this product. Here is how he explains it. "One bottle of Colour Veneer, affordably priced at $14.95 will allow you to do up to 50 soak off gel services using 2 coats/service. If you were to charge a minimum of $10/service, each bottle of Colour Veneer will help you increase your service income by $500. Cuccio Colour Veneer is the answer to building your financial success in soak off gel colour services."

I know what you all are thinking....."but Lisa, wouldn't this formula work with ALL gel polishes"...well, no, and I will let Elaine Watson explain just exactly why? And what the benefits of the Cuccio Colour Veneer Soak Off Gel Polish truly has to offer!!!

Here is what Elaine Watson has to say "Soak off gels were introduced to out profession with a simple formulation - Soak off gel mixed together with polish. Having worked as a professional nail technician for 20 years I knew that polish would thicken when exposed to air ultimately changing the performance of the product. Rippling, shrinking, micro-shattering and difficulty in curing were also just some of the other problems I knew would occur. With these issues in mind I set out to make Colour Veneer soak off using completely different gel technology with a more concentrated gel pigmentation. What makes Veneer unique is that it is 100% polish FREE. There is not evaporation and therefore no fumes or odor for you or your clients to inhale. Furthermore, with triple pigmentation technology, you will only need a maximum of 2 coats of color (even with 2 a.m. in Hollywood our rich, Black color). Veneer has amazing durability and leaves nails with a high gloss shine second to none. With Veneer your clients can choose to wear their nail colour until THEY decide to take it off - fast and easily without damaging the natural nail."

What Elaine didn't say is that because ALL other gel polishes that have soak off gel mixed with polish WILL thicken OVER time, the result is not being able to use the WHOLE bottle you purchased, which DECREASES YOUR PROFIT!!!!

Hope this answers the question of What is SO great about the Cuccio Veneer!!!

Love and Respect to you ALL
Lisa Ross