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Beauty is ONLY skin deep

I was at the Cher concert this past weekend, and I LOVED it! Cindy Lauper opened for her and there are a few things I thought about while watching these women. First of all Cindy is 61 years old and is FULL of life, jumping around and singing in tune for an HOUR! Cher is 68, and yes she has had work done...but listen to me carefully, there are things that you can't alter with surgery and that woman is AMAZING!!! Lisa, what is your point!!! Don't worry, I am getting to it. While I watched these amazing women knock everyone's socks off with their talent....I couldn't help but look at them!!! I have heard people say, it doesn't matter how you look, it's what's inside that counts....yes, this is somewhat true....BUT, when we look our best, we tend to feel better! Feeling good in the inside ALSO makes you look better and my point in this little ramble here is BALANCE!!!! I am also getting to another point and that in the beauty industry there are products that can help you look your best short term and there are things that can help you look your best long term!! I for one want LONG term results and here is my real point! Amore Skin Sense

Amore International has been manufacturing quality Skin Care, Cosmetic and UV Gel products since 1994......yes, 1994!!!! Amore is committed to the professional beauty industry and has succeeded in providing effective, innovative professional products for salons, estheticians, dermatologists and retail customers. European born Stefania Anderson, founder and President of Amore International Inc., has a very simple philosophy about skin care and make-up. Only ingredients that enhance the body’s health, and produce visible results are used in Amore Skin Sense and Colour Sense products. That philosophy also promotes that excellent skin care should not be complicated, should be easily accessible, and cost-effective for the user. Amore International has made major strides in developing cosmeceutical skin treatments that meet or exceed all these concerns. For young, healthy skin, it offers prevention of the visible signs of aging and for mature skin it helps turn back the clock on the aging process.

The Amore products are:
Active - they are free of fillers, making them highly concentrated, which means the active ingredients are loaded in a way that ensures your skin gets the results you want. Amore keeps the line streamlined for ease of use.
Cost Effective - these products are highly concentrated formulas, free of binders and fillers making them very cost effective, ensuring that the customer is paying for quality and not quantity. For the beauty professional selling the products, our desire to remain accessible means we do not burden them with large start up inventory costs.
Paraben Free - Wherever possible, Amore endeavors to avoid use of chemicals and harsh preservatives, parabens being one of them. Their labs are always sourcing cutting edge ingredients that enhance the products without compromising them.

By using “active botanicals” in Amore's manufacturing process, they are able to utilize the life force of every ingredient. This ensures the highest quality, purity and effectiveness. Amore products are not mass-produced, and receive their personal care and attention from formulating to packaging. Amore products have undergone the most advanced research and development of anti-aging technology, ensuring to deliver results! Amore can offer you the end of hype, and the beginning of results!

Whether you are 18 or 80, Amore products offer prevention of the visible signs of aging for young, healthy skin and for mature skin it helps turn back the clock on the aging process and repair damage caused by environmental stress.

What everyone NEEDS to also realize is that extensive consultation is necessary between beauty professionals and their clients at the onset of these treatments because often the skin’s condition will worsen before it gets better. Though these treatments will combat wrinkles, age spots, acne, and hyper pigmentation, clients may experience dry flaky skin in the beginning. Often, the most difficult skin will take longer to reflect results because the skin is generally more leathery and callused. Therefore it takes longer for the AHA or enzymes to break down the glue that binds skin cells together. This is why essential professional services, such as peels, followed by an effective home maintenance regime, accelerates the results reflected in their clients’ skin. This will ensure dramatic results for clients, an increase in the professional estheticians service dollars as well as an incredible opportunity for repeat retail sales for salons.

There you have it. This is not the first line that I have used in my professional career, and I will NEVER speak negatively about the ones I have used......this is just quite frankly the best and I haven't even talked about the Colour Sense(makeup) with you all!!! That's in my next post. Try to not only USE this line, but sell it as well!!! If you are not selling Amore Skin/Colour Sense, you my friend, are JUST missing out!!!!

With Love and Respect
Lisa Ross