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Sick of doing nails……..

Hey everyone! It's been a while since my last blog post, but they will be consistently flowing in now!!! This blog post is about tired nail tech's. I talk to a lot of you and I hear SO many of you ready to just QUIT....why? because you work your little behind off, putting your heart and soul into these nails slowly getting carpal tunnel, cause you just couldn't give 2 hoots about your posture....ORRRRR you didn't even know you were sitting incorrectly!!!!! ANNNNND your clients don't respect your time and you just don't know what to do anymore!!!! I hear you, I've been there and I am here to tell you that you do NOT have to quit!!!! I have the solution!!!!


1) The client from H*#L!!!!

I've had them before....they get mad because you have to reschedule last minute because a family member has passed away, they no show because they were too tired to come, BUT need you to get them in tomorrow, they have nails that crack vertically and can't understand why this would be happening AS they are clamping their nail in between their teeth and CRACK!!! BUSTED!!!! but it's still your fault????!!! The list goes on and on and it makes you want to pull your hair out.

I am here to tell you that it IS your fault. What??? How can you say this Lisa? I didn't ask for this!!!! Well, yes you did.....and so did I. Yes, I had these exact clients and they treated me this way because I allowed them to. We are professionals, and if we expect others to treat us as such, then we should start acting like professionals!!!! YOU and only you have the control of what type of client you have and the policies that you keep. If you allow ANY person a free ride ONCE. They'll try it again and again.......AND continually mention that one time you did them a favor!!!! Sound familiar??? I know it does, this is what I hear ALL the time.

Here is my advise to you. Ready, it's VERY simple but will take some practice. "Choose your customers, do NOT let them choose you."

2) "Dad has always said.....SIT UP STRAIGHT!!!!"

This is something I have always had a personal problem with and that is my has affected me both professionally and personally and I am STILL working on it!!! If your posture and body alignment is off, AND you are doing a repetitive movement you are 100% most definitely going to get an injury. Core exercises work well, being mindful of how you sit all day is awesome, taking breaks to stretch and get the blood flowing is up there on the list as well, learning how to hold the tools that you work with every single day is amazing.....but NONE of this helps if there is no love for what you do. If you are not happy and the weight of it all rests on your shoulders, THAT is what can cause chronic pain more than anything else.

Here is more advise. "Sit up straight, suck your tummy in, move around and put a smile on your face.....your ailments will go away."


3) Are you running a business or a charitable organization?

This is a sore spot for some, but it has to be mentioned. I have heard it SO many times...."but Lisa, I don't feel comfortable charging for that." or "but Lisa, my clients won't pay that kind of money for my services." or "but Lisa, I just do this to make a little extra money."

LOL!!! Yes, I am going to address this all.....and it WILL sound like I am not being nice, and I am not sorry, it's the truth and it sometimes hurts.

"I don't feel comfortable charging for that". OMG!!! Listen to me, you paid thousands of dollars for your course, you spend money on every single product/tool that you use, you upgrade continually and pay money for that, AND you are a Professional in the Beauty Industry!!! Charge for things or no one will see ANY value in what you do!!! It's just that simple. If you went to a dentist and they gave you a free filling, would you wonder "why is this free, what's wrong with this dentist? No other dentist gives out free fillings" That is what I would think.

"Clients will not pay that kind of money for my services"......hmmmmm, let me ponder on this for a minute.....ok, I am going to be gentle, at first. Ask yourself this question. Is that the type of client that you want? Choose your clients, don't let them choose you. If you have confidence in yourself, they will have confidence in you. Now, I'm not telling you to be snotty or have a huge disgusting ego, I am talking beautiful self confidence in YOUR skills that you do different than anyone else.....cause not one nail tech is alike 🙂 We ALL have a special skill and you just have to find yours and be proud of it. Now, that being said, finding and refining your skills requires you to REALLY look at your work. I see a lot of tech's out there thinking they are a rock star and frankly are not even close. And like all of us, could use some upgrading. How do I have the nerve to say such a thing? When I started getting really busy in the beginning of my career, I became an ego driven nail tech, I thought I knew everything. It's when I started competing  I realized how little I really did know.....I started going to networking events, classes, started my own business and long story short became a humble person who NOW and will forever learn a little something from everyone that I meet. For true growth you have to open yourself up to fall.

"I only do this to make a little extra money". There is one thing I have to say,  if you don't really want to make a lot of money then why are you complaining about anything? If you are tired, but aren't making a true go of it you, my friend, have an expensive hobby. That is 100% fine to do, but then don't complain.

My advise on this matter is this "Be what you want others to see and you will be rewarded for it."


This is not all I have to say on this matter, but I think this will get some of you thinking. I do not doubt this will be talked about as well 😉

Love and respect to you all