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Work Harder NOT Smarter

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Impact Salon Sales blog! You will notice that some blogs will be open to the public and some for registered professionals ONLY. There IS a method to our madness 🙂 We want to be able to talk business and pricing with all of you without our customers knowing our prices. I am truly excited to be able to talk business to all of you. The focus of this blog post is pretty with all of my future posts, I am going to use my years of experience and ALL of my research to help you understand how you can create some balance in your life and actually make MORE money and spending LESS time making it. I would like to give you all a little history about me, so that you know where I am coming from and why I think this knowledge is so important. I grew up on a farm in small town Saskatchewan. Nothing came easy, and if you didn't bust your butt, you probably were not working. We had to do EVERYTHING the hard and the time consuming way. This was my first lesson in life. When I started getting out into the world and watching people do things "efficiently", I had a tiny aha moment...I still did things the hard way, but I was starting to catch on....Now if we fast forward to what I know now, I have to say that working harder is NOT smarter and making money easily is NOT bad 🙂 Don't get me wrong...I still think we need to know the value of working, but there is no reason for anyone to spend twice as much time doing something that is worth half of it. Now, am I telling you to cut corners to get things done quickly? NO!!!! I will stand by this till the end of my days "super fast services either have mistakes or have missed something", I do believe that "efficient services make everyone happy." And "fast and efficient are not the same thing, but doing things efficiently will speed up time" Have I confused you yet????? 🙂 I have worked in Salons and I owned my very own Salon and Spa. In those years I slowly worked on being more efficient and trying to teach myself not to work so hard, but find ways to make money the smarter way.....the ONE thing that is guaranteed to make you money easily in this industry is.......drum roll please....................................................RETAIL!!! "But Lisa, I work out of my home, how can I sell retail?" or "Lisa, I am not a sales rep!" or "Lisa, I am not as confident as you!" "But Lisa I can't talk someone into using this? HAHAHAHA!!! I am no sales rep, I have a lack of confidence EVERY day, and I don't ACTUALLY believe in trying to talk someone into ANYTHING!!!!! If you find products that you love and believe in you will never have to "sell" a thing. Your customers come to you and your salon/home business because of something that connects them with you and/or your staff. If they believe in you, all you have to do is tell them what you love about it and they will love it to 🙂 TRUST ME!!!! We all have an option to sell products for double what we purchased it for. And this is not including when your distributor (Impact Salon Sales) has a sale...then the mark up is even higher!!!! Let's take the most resent items at the Calgary ABA, our Cuccio Butter Lytes. At the show you could purchase 2 of these lotions for $5.95. NOW.......Christmas is coming and people are ALREADY thinking about gifts!!! Ok, back to the lotions. They are regularly $5.95 and you will double this to $11.90...ok, but at the sale you were getting 2 at $5.95, does this mean you sell the set for $11.90? NO!!! You break it apart, you sell each for $11.90 and make a $17.85 PROFIT!!! Easy, right? "Right Lisa, you are right!!!!!"This goes the same for our butter baby carousel. You receive 36 1.5 oz. butters for $140.20...but WAIT!!! Right now we have a sale on for this carousel for $119.90. So, if you take the original price of $140.20 and divide into 36 and times it by 2, you would sell each butter for $7.90. "But Lisa, who is going to buy these small lotions for $7.90. Well, if you had a deal that had them buy 2 and get the 3rd half off, you would still be making a profit of $117.10. Even if you had a buy 2 get one free you would still make a profit of $69.70!!! And finally I am going to mention our Cuccio MatchMaker deal....this one I want to shout from the roof top cause this is a DEAL that shouldn't be missed!!!! You can buy 59 MatchMakers(which is 118 bottles of product), and you will receive your start to finish, the display spoons, and a poster for FREE!!! This deal will cost you $555.00, regular price for all these items is $1222.. Ok, I haven't even told you what is great about this deal. In each MatchMaker is a Veneer(pure gel polish) and a polish that matches. If you retail all of your polishes to your customers for $9.90x59 bottles of polish, you have already paid for and made a profit, and let's not forget that each bottle of Veneer is $14.95x59=$882.05. So, there it is....I have given you SOME of my thoughts and SOME advise on this topic, agree with it or not, that is your choice!! If you have read this send me a funny joke at Have a wonderful day making money:) Lisa Ross

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