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What Makes YOU so special?

Hey everyone!!!!! I hope you all are avoiding the colds and flu as I am NOT!!! The joys of having your child in a day home is you bring things home including BUGS....oh well, building the system. Enough of my complaining...that's not why you clicked on this blog want to know what makes YOU so special?

First and foremost, we ALL are special, and this blog is NOT in any way shape or form a call out, it is just what I know, and feel. Take it or leave it.

I have learned so much in my life and in my career in this beautiful industry. The BIGGEST thing I have learned is some BIG heads need to be popped!!!! HAHA....I bet I have your attention now...OR you have just stopped reading. Let's be realistic here, I have had a big head myself(and not just because I have a cold)and it needed to be popped!!! I am here to inform each and every one of you that as human beings you are NO different!!! "THAT is harsh Lisa!!!!" I know it is, but the truth hurts!!!! I want everyone to take this seriously because once the head is deflated we become better nail technicians to our customers, better distributors to our customers, better educators to our students, better bosses to our employees and better employees to our bosses!!!

What makes YOU so special has many meanings....and I will break it down for you so that you can understand the TRUE intention of this post.

Are you doing ALL you can to make each your customers happy and satisfied with their "experience" in your business? Are you offering something that NO ONE else is? What makes YOU so special? Why should someone be on a waiting list to see YOU when they can walk into a place and get in at THAT moment? "THE EXPERIENCE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each and every ONE of you are unique beings so the experience you give to your paying customers should be as unique as you are!!!! This is what is missing in this industry...every one is trying to compare themselves to everyone else instead of just being themselves....I have been guilty of that BELIEVE ME.....and all it does is cripple your business....and cripple the love you have for the industry.

Here is an example- If you are a soft and giving person, you will have customers that want a soft and giving experience....does this mean you should do things for free? NO!! This means that you should be warm and inviting and create services that reflect that part of your personality that they love and adore. Have warm booties on their feet during a nail/hair service. While their feet are soaking or their color is developing, have warm mits on their hands.....if you create a feature pedicure/manicure scent, have a drink that matches. There are SO many things to think of, so all in all use YOUR imagination and YOUR clients will come back to you time and time again.

Another example - It's about the service "quality", NOT "quantity". Let's face it NO one wants to be rushed out AND they do NOT want sloppy work DONE!!! The world is changing and people are looking for quality products, quality food, AND quality service....look at the organic food market out there....let's be proactive! I know that when I go out to eat, I can actually go to a nice sit down meal made with quality food for around the same price as a "fast food place" made with(what is it made of?)  It is the same in beauty industry. If you take a little longer, but the service you are giving has lasting results or makes the client feel good about themselves, they have given that service more value than a fast non standard service.

Do you think you don't have to learn anymore, that what you know is all you NEED to know......what makes YOU so special? You are actually doing a GREAT dis-service to your customers, yourself AND the industry with that mindset! I have had the privilege to have training from some nail professionals with many awards under their belt and with ZERO swelling in their heads....they were their to teach and ACTUALLY learned something from the students in the process.....that is WHY, in my mind, that they are as good as they are.....NO SWELLING!!!!(swelling leads to brain damage you This also applies to hairstylists as well! I'm talking to everyone here as I am a hairstylist and an esthetician 🙂

Now to any of you educators out their. I am sorry, but we ALL need to hear this!!!! I am an educator that has learned a lot as a a student I am spending my hard earned money to LEARN!!! Not to see your pretty face!!!! I am NOT sorry to say, but when you are given the privilege and the responsibility of being an educator, TAKE it seriously or don't do it at ALL!!!! If you are not willing to share, then you are in the wrong department, my friend. There are many beautiful and giving educators that will take your place and distributors that will only hire and rehire the giving kind. "WOW are going to make a lot of people mad!!!" No, no I am not, because I am saying what most of you are thinking. I am trying to make changes in this industry for the benefit of us ALL.....and I want everyone to make money, NOT waste it!!!! And student's, it's NOT just about how many certificates you have, it matters what you know and what you USE!
Speaking as an educator...if you ever take one of my classes and don't learn something from me....TELL ME!!!! I appreciate your feedback and that is what will make ME better. If Impact Salon Sales is hosting an educator from near or far and you think you wasted your money? Let me know and I will do what I can to rectify it for you.....and then I can learn something from that experience to make the next one better!!!!

Do you come to the ABA? Or do you think that there is nothing there for you, so why spend the money on a ticket? If you come, then email me with "I love the ABA" in the subject, and give yourself a pat on the back....If you do not go because you think it's only hair orientated, then I have a question for you. If all the nail technicians/estheticians would feel the same way and not go, then all that is attending IS hairstylists!!!! If you want the Allied Beauty Association to cater to us AT ALL then we have to SHOW UP PEOPLE!!!!!! Do you, as hair salons/stylists come and visit the booths that "look" like they don't apply to you? Check them all out!!! You may find a diamond in the rough.

I have so much love for EVERYONE in this industry and I still have much to learn. ALL I want is the best for you, our customers AND BEYOND. Be forewarned to expect the unexpected from me, and know that I cherish each and every one of you for what you have to offer......and THAT is what makes YOU so special 🙂

Have a wonderful week
Lisa Ross

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