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Toe Separators – 144 pcs


Made of EVA foam, a strong yet soft and flexible material.
These single toe separators are an eco-friendly choice: EVA IS AN ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY MATERIAL: EVA is a petroleum based material that is easily recycled.
EVA has a lower melting point than other commonly used materials such as pvc. Less energy is therefore required during the manufacturing stage. LESS WASTE IS GENERATED: 50% less foam is used than on traditional toe separators.
Only 4 separators are needed for a full pedicure.
Their single format and soft flexible foam makes these separators easy to work with and very comfortable to wear.
They are very useful when only a repair is needed on one or two toes.
They offer a more comfortable service for individuals with irregular toes.
They also take up less space than traditional toe separators, making them easy to ship and store.
These toe separators are more cost effective than traditional toe separators.
Hygiene is a very important consideration in spas and these separators are priced for single use.
Comes in a re-sealable ziploc style bag with peg hole that is easy to store and display.
Bag of 144 pieces (36 pcs of each colour – blue, purple, yellow, pink).