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Shemax Professional Manicure Dust Collector – Style PRO WHITE


Power 54W

Dust capture rate -3.7 m/s

Lattice size 24х17см

Hood size 36х20х7,5см

Colours: black, grey, white, pink

1 year warranty

Complete set: extractor hood, reusable filter, block with cap, instructions with completed warranty.

Professional manicure Dust collector - Style PRO SHEMAX

We present the long-awaited model of the dust collector, which meets all the wishes of the masters and combines only the best ideas.

The announcement of the dust collector competed within the framework of the international beauty exhibition - InterCHARM Ukraine 2019.

With two years of experience in the production of Dust collector manicures, the SheMax brand has embodied an ideal model in every way. High technological characteristics, as well as an exquisite design solution, are implemented in a hood under the name of Style PRO.

The main feature of the SheMax Style PRO dust collector is the presence of TWO motors, instead of one, as in other existing hoods. SheMax was the first on the market to propose and realize the idea with power amplification, installing two centrifugal motors. As a result, the gripping area of the saw is evenly distributed over the entire perimeter. For comparison - in single-motor hoods, the dust collection area works directly only on the motor, and this for a frequent circle with a diameter of only 15 cm. In the new model, absolutely the entire area measuring 24x17 cm works, evenly attracting dust.

An additional feature of the new model is the latest air bowl technology. In collaboration with designers and analyzing the airflows, it was decided to simulate the tornado effect inside the hood. To do this, it was necessary to create a smooth recess in the engine, artificially capturing air from the surface and directing it towards the center. Since the model has two motors, accordingly, two suction cups leading to the motor were designed.

Great importance was given to the air outlet. Indeed, if the housing is poorly designed, the engine can overheat and fail. In Dust collector Shamaks, this problem does not exist. Continuous research has led to an ideal solution while maintaining low noise levels. Given the high technological performance, the hood design remains at its best. The main body of the hood is made of stainless steel, plastic trim smooths the corners while completing the color range of the models. You can buy a Shemaks dust collector made of black, gray and white plastic.

The removable grid is mounted on magnets. It is very easy to remove to clean the filter of the drink. Reusable replaceable filters are always available. It is important to respect the maintenance rules of the filter in order to increase its lifespan: clean after each customer, do not wash with water, store in a dry place. The manufacturer's recommended shelf life is 2 months.

An additional accessory to the hood is a manicure palm rest. The size of the stand is perfect for the hood and allows you to adjust the distance. The coasters come in 13 different colors with stainless steel legs that don't scratch the table. The quality of the stand is regulated by manual assembly and shipping control.


The SheMax Style PRO dust collector has the speed to capture the saw. An additional increase in power only consumes more of your electricity and creates additional noise. Studies conducted with a hood show that the presence of a wider gripping area of the drink is a more effective option for the qualitative elimination of the drink in the workplace.

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