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Mineral Foundation
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Amore Mineral Cosmetics are the highest grade, best covering minerals you will EVER use!

Non-comedogenic-Amore mineral cosmetics will not clog your pores. Their natural magnetic properties enable them to cling naturally to the surface of the skin.

100% natural, high-grade minerals-Not all minerals are created the same. Amore minerals are made from pure minerals, which are carefully selected for their color, texture and protective qualities.

Natural sun protection- The titanium dioxide in our minerals have the highest light refractive abilities, providing natural sun protection.

Water resistant, long wearing-If you were to look at our minerals under a microscope, they would look like overlapping fish scales. This creates a bond that is not affected by gravity and holds the minerals firmly to the skin. To remove minerals, cleanser must be used, as water will not break their natural magnetic bond.

• Free of alcohol, talc, oil and chemical dyes- Meaning they last and they are safe! They are very concentrated because there are no fillers, such as talc to add bulk.

Extremely low allergy risk-Allergies are caused by skin sensitizers such as dyes, perfumes and alcohol. Amore minerals are free of these ingredients.

Healing-Titanium Dioxide and zinc oxide have anti-inflammatory properties and help to calm the skin. This makes them perfect for blemish and rosacea prone skin.

Safe-Minerals are inert, and therefore cannot support bacteria. Minerals have been recommended for all skin types by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and estheticians.

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Mineral Foundation

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