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Prempt CS20 Litre



Disinfectant/chemosteriliant for instruments. Ready to use. For instruments made of Surgical Grade Stainless Stee. Do not use on soft metals such as nickel, plated brass, and iozided aluminum.Accel provides comfort and confidence that commonly touched surfaces and non-critical instruments are rendered safe to use. Accel products are powered by the Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) Technology. AHP is a patented hydrogen peroxide based disinfectant technology that has been validated by over 15 studies published in reputable journals around the world. AHP is recognized by multiple guidelines including Provincial Infectious Disease Advisory Committee (PIDAC) Best Practises, PICNet Guidelines, Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines, Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Guidelines, to name a few. PREmpt products:Kill a variety of pathogens including difficult to kill viruses such as Norovirus, Parvovirus, Poliovirus
Sterilizes tools in 20 minutes. It is a 20-minute Sporicide, Tuberculocide and Fungicide.
Have superior cleaning abilities, providing users with confidence that disinfection will occur
Are environmentally sustainable (hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen) and are EcoLogo certified!