Advanced Speed featured Educator Shelley Howlett

Advanced Speed featured Educator Shelley Howlett

February 27, 2017

Now you've got the skills but you need to reduce your time. Find out how to do that
without compromising quality in this hands-on class.
Aside from providing clients with great nails, gaining time in your service is equal to giving yourself a substantial increase …an increase in confidence, an increase in volume of customers, and an increase in pay. Providing time efficient nail fills while properly maintaining your clients’ nails will enhance your service load and reputation. With the established trend of telecommuting, home based business and EDOs, building a daytime client base is easier than ever. However, these savvy clients know their time management and expect efficiency within their service. In this program we will present the creation of a beautiful foundation including a solid
color overlay in one hour. Regardless of your current working time, you will timed to perform a complete color fill in a one hour segment during this class.
Model required - model may wish to attend afternoon
All students receive 10% off the day of the course.

When: February 27, 2017
Time: 10:00AM-3:00PM
Cost: $169.00
Class Size: 6-8 students
Where: Impact Salon Sales, Stony Plain

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