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Phat Kat Gel Polish Spring 2023 Collection with Shine Topcoat!


Our Radi-Klaw Gel Polishes are highly pigmented and extremely versatile-fabulous for expressing your PURR-sonality! Whether a straight up gel polish manicure, or klawesome nail art is your thing, Radi-Klaw will help you achieve your goals.

Try Radi-Klaw with our amazing Matte Top Coat! You’ll love the results!

12 New Spring 2023 Colors. Regular price 11.95 each.

Buy all 12 colors for 131.40 and receive a shine top coat

New pk colors 26F, 71S, 88, 209, 213, 342, 510S, 516, 405, 432S, 609S, 640,

Value of 155.35