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Cuccio Somatology Balancing Oil .5oz

Guava & Mangosteen Butterlyte

Great to keep with you for an afternoon pick-me-up, to wake up the senses or to create an experience for yoga and/or massage.

Scent: Italian Bergamot

Bergamot orange (Citrus aurantium var. bergamia) is a small, roughly pear-shaped citrus fruit, which grows on small trees known as bergamots. Bergamot is named after Italian city Bergamo, in which its oil was first sold, and it has become a symbol of the entire region and city.

Carry in your bag for an energizing pick me up in the afternoon or use it in your yoga classes at the beginning of the session to uplift the senses and mood. Can be used for the beginning of any session. Also can be applied directly to skin since it is diluted unlike most essential oils. Can also be used in combination with a lotion for an added scent.

Guava & Mangosteen Butterlyte

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