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Bye Bye Ingrown Hairs!!!
Banish has been specially formulated to treat ingrown hairs, razor burn, bumps and skin irritation
resulting from shaving, waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal.

Produces results in 24-48 hours
Roll-on applicator with a gel based formulation
Safe and gentle on skin, leaves no residue.
Non irritating, herbal scented, cool feeling

Benefits of banish:

Triple action: Banish fights ingrown hairs, gently exfoliates skin cells
and reduces swelling and redness due to irritation.
Exfoliates skin cells for maximum penetration. For men and women.
Safe to use on face, nape of neck, legs, chest and back and great
for underarms and bikini area.
Dries out pimples allowing them to heal faster. Ideal for oily skin.

Use on face and body.
For maximum benefits, apply after hair removal and reapply daily


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