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Created by Award winning Nail Artist and Competition Queen, Pauline Feinauer, PEEK A BOO is the EVOLUTION of “PolyGel”.

When “PolyGel” hit the market, it promised gel techs that it would work like acrylic but cure like gel. The only problem was (and remains) that PolyGel was a hard, sticky mess to apply and using alcohol to “move it” was hard on brushes and kept drying out-not to mention destroying the polymer chains in the gel!! And those tubes!!!? GREAT marketing- but how practical were they?

PEEK A BOO does not identify itself as a PolyGel, because as Pauline would say, “all gels are Poly!” She is excited to bring PEEK A BOO AcryGel to the market because it is superior in so many ways!
PAB is the product that WILL DO what those other gels promise. It is a UV gel that ACTUALLY moves like an Acrylic product. The key is its amazing consistency-making it easy to work with and beautiful to behold! After 18 months of formulating with top chemists, using only the highest quality ingredients from Germany, and testing in some of Germany’s BEST nail studios, the product you have been waiting for is HERE!

The system consists of three parts

  1. DIP IN
  2. BUILDER(4 colors)

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