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I have been thinking about doing a blog like this for a LONG time. Working in this industry for as long as I have, I have watched new products come and go and I have fallen for some of the marketing claims and literally bought into it to find out AFTER using it that it was NOT “exactly” what it claimed to be. Why did I fall for it? Is it because I was gullible? Is it because I am not smart enough to know better? No and no… is what makes companies billions of dollars…they spend a lot of time, money and energy on the marketing of their product so that the consumer trusts and feels like this is the BEST…..and the funny thing is, the consumer thinks it’s the best before even trying it……GENIUS!!!! Does this mean that every company that uses marketing is making false claims and is EVIL? The answer is NO!!! If there are false guarantees, then lawsuits WILL follow and when I said that the product didn’t do “exactly” what it claimed to do it is because GENIUS marketing gives the consumer an idea and plays with words. There is never an absolute in marketing…..that would be foolish. Let me give you an example….I am going to bring up a little known fact about canned tuna. Tuna fish as you know is NOT white and yet back in the day a company used the power of marketing to promote their company…..they marketed that “their” NEW white tuna would NEVER turn pink in the can, making people think that pink tuna is bad……reality? white tuna is bleached tuna but it became the norm that everyone looked for and it was because of the power of marketing. This personally freaks me out. How one company changed the whole canned tuna market with a claim that theirs would never turn pink…..think about it…..
In every industry that you can think of there are marketing geniuses. Can we trust marketing as the 100% truth? NO!!!! Could there be a play on words that is manipulative……OF COURSE!!!! When a new product or trend comes out, we all need to “think” about what is being sold and if it ACTUALLY makes sense to you. Let’s look into the beauty industry and I will talk about a trend right now. There are companies talking about gel polishes that don’t need a light….it applies like polish, wears like polish, removes like polish but it is a gel. What???? This is where my brain takes over……if it smells like___, looks like _____ then, my fellow beauty professionals, it IS _____. If it applies like polish, wears like polish, removes like polish, then it IS polish.
Marketing is so ingenious, we ALL get wrapped up in it…the posters, the commercials…’s intoxicating!!! That is how we ALL get fooled into thinking one brand is better than another, or that particular product is the “ONLY” one that can cure without a light, but has the same title. We ALL need to try to look at a new product or trend with our own power of deduction. Trust yourself, trust your gut, ask LOTS of questions and find companies that prove time after time that their advertising and products are working to the standards that YOU set. Educate your customers so that they know that you have their best interest at heart and it will come back to you in a positive way!!!

Thank you for reading.
Lisa Leibel