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Gel – Amore Ultima



Since 1994, Amore International has been perfecting the art of achieving the “Ultimate Gel Nail System”. Amore Ultima Gel Nail System is a comprehensive gel nail system created for discerning nail technicians. Each component in the line is carefully chosen and tested for function and quality, creating a line of “handpicked” high performance gels.

Our Philosophy on UV/LED -After 24 years of bringing great UV products to the market, we are often asked why we don’t incorporate UV/LED gels into our system. The short answer is that our UV system works-and has for 24 years! Re-formulating our current products to a UV/LED format changed the properties of the products that thousands of people already know and love! The bottom line is that a UV lamp allows more time for complex chemical reactions to occur, resulting in a better finished product (especially when it comes to thicker sculpting/building products) We believe that the best place for UV/LED formulations is when it comes to colour (thinner products)! Hence our UV/LED FX Colour line! For more information, try taking a class with one of our fabulous educators.

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