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Esthetic/Skin Care – Amore Skin Sense



The Amore Skin Sense System is easy to use, and with a proper daily regime, you and your clients will be on your way to more radiant, youthful looking skin. Choose one or more products from each category that fits your skin’s needs and incorporate it into your morning and night time regime.

1/ CLEANSE-Notice the difference when you choose the cleanser that best suits your needs. Choose from one of our fabulous solid natural bars, made with plant glucans, or choose one of our liquid cleansers to meet your specific needs. Remember, daily cleansing removes makeup, pollution and impurities from the skin’s surface so that it will be receptive to toners, treatments and moisturizers.

2/ TONE-Toners are an important part of any skin care regime to bring the Ph level of the skin back to normal after cleansing, and to deliver powerful anti-oxidants that soothe and protect the skin.

3/ TREAT-Choose any of Amore’s highly effective serums designed to treat specific skin care concerns, such as skin repair, blemishes, lines, loss of firmness, dullness or hyper-pigmentation. Serums are highly concentrated products that infuse the skin with pure nutrients. This step can be the most noticeably effective way to treat skin conditions, and reduce/prevent the signs of aging.

4/ MOISTURIZE-Complete your daily regime by applying a moisturizer to keep skin soft and hydrated throughout the day. Even oily skin needs a light moisturizer.